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All Aboard - Let's Chat!

Last week, I met with Jill, Dan and driver Ruth at the Let’s Chat Bus at it’s usual Friday morning station at ASDA in Bloxwich.


As you pull into the car park, the bus can instantly be seen, parked on the left side of the car park. The doors wide open, a table and chairs placed at the side of the bus, and a friendly face visible as I walked up to it, I instantly knew I was in the right place.


Workers Jill and Dan were so friendly and told me all about the service the Let’s Chat bus has to offer. Started back at the end of the pandemic, the Let’s Chat bus drives around to various locations across Walsall to reach out and act as a community HUB in areas where people might, otherwise, not have a resource to go to for advice, information on what services are available nearby or just a simple chat and a cuppa. 

I was made a cup of coffee, and it wasn’t long before regular, June, boarded the bus for a chat and a sit down after completing a weekly shop in the supermarket. Attending the Let’s Chat community Hub weekly, June updated everyone on an ongoing issue and was offered a listening ear and a space to air her concerns to the friendly, supportive team onsite.

My time on the bus flew by as we got chatting about all kinds of things from local traffic to guinea pigs!  I was delighted to be informed of an upcoming event in Walsall and encouraged to pop along to any of the venues where the bus parks up around the town. Head to the website for the current timetable and go along for a chat soon!

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