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Walsall Community Network meeting
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Members of the Walsall Community Network at our monthly meet up

We are pleased to welcome Nash Dom CIC to the network!

Nash Dom CIC is an Eastern European and Russian-speaking Community Support and Business Development Centre, we are a registered community interest company since May 2010. Nash Dom is working with community representatives, businesses, individuals and other related organisations from across eleven communities that include Slovaks, Poles, Lithuanians, Czechs, Latvians, Georgians, Belarusians, Romanians, Moldovans and Armenians.

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Walsall Council in partnership with Walsall Community Network (WCN) are pleased to launch a new project called ‘Warm Walsall’.

As the weather begins to get colder, we have developed a one point of access website where residents, families and professionals can find a local venue which can offer people a warm hub to attend. They can meet new people, have a hot drink, fill a flask, and meet in a place which is welcoming and warm.

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We are preparing to launch our SafePlace Scheme


Walsall Black Sisters Collective celebrated 35 years of delivering community service

Special guests included Nikki Tapper, BBC Radio Broadcaster, Valerie Vaz MP, Nicola Beckford, BBC Reporter, Millicent Stephenson, saxophonist, comedian Angie Le Mar, and the vibrant Aston Performing Arts Academy. 


Community Associations


Monthly Beneficiaires


Beneficiaries during COVID-19


Walsall Community To Support

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Our latest project is Community Resetting

The Community Resetting project is aimed to continue to support the Walsall residents who may be lonely and isolated. It aims to bring the community into their local centres to join social groups and reset!

Read more about us, click here!

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