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Did you know there is now a newly created Walsall Community Network Facebook page!

We’re proud to have so much going on across our 16 Community Associations and Hubs and want to share the events and great work as wide as possible! The Walsall Community Network Group remains very active but we want you to also like and follow the new page so we can repost stories and feed from here to there. This new page has been created to continue to make a difference and support the residents of Walsall by having content visible to all without needing to join a Facebook group. We hope that this will promote the fabulous work that is happening everyday all around our four localities, help our communities grow and bring people together in and around our region.

To help this new page grow and develop, please like/follow the Walsall Community Network page and share with friends and family everything you think may be of interest. Keep a look out for news and updates from the Network and please do get in touch; we’d love to hear from you and share what’s happening in your local community.

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